Richmond Outdoor Tournament

30th of May 2015 , Richmond

Saturday morning 9 o’clock!!!

What do normal people do, on a day around this time???

...SLEEEEP !!!

But who wants to miss out playing with three italians in a grass court tournament. Especially when two of them are pretty woman!!!!

So here we go and what happened again???????


Have to was NOT exactly the top group that we registered. But here we go. Win is Win ;-)

Yes, another triumph for the Queenspark Volleyball.

Aditionally there were a couple of our players in the the more advanced division and ...... even they managed for to somehow win a trophy.

Anyway after this we had a good reason to celebrate. And luckily one of our players had organised a BBQ at his house.

So we celebrated with sausages and salsa.

Kamel Achrafie

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