Crystal Palace Tournament 06

9th of April 2006 , Crystal Palace

SUNDAY morning 8 o'clock !!!

 what do normal people do, on a cold day around this time...SLEEEEP !!!

But since we are not normal, we get out of bed and travel for one hour through the whole of London to take part in an outdoor volleyball tournament and.......

WIN IT !!!

Yes, another triumph for the Queenspark Volleyball Team.

After some initial doubts and a few warming cafe latte's we played with two registered teams, good spirits and lots of hard spikes.

None of the 15 teams in our group could beat us except ourselves. It seemed this was the only way the organizers could stop us, when they let our first team play our second. But in usual manner we took it with fun and entertainment.

Then for the final (it nearly started to rain) the whole second team cheered the first into a gorgeous two set win.

Thank you to the team and the supporters, some came even as far as Denmark, Italy and Turkey !

Kamel Achrafie

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