Bethnal Green Challenge Cup 05

11th June , Bethnal Green College 14.30

....and who wasn't there, yes us.

But we had to drive through half of London with 12 players, 3 fans, and two children in 5 cars.

Then after 3 red traffic lights, 4 U-turns in heavy traffic, two injured pedestrians and 4 speeding tickets we finally made it for 14.55 and had to almost instantly start playing.

So who plays.....hmmmm everybody was keen

..... I had to make some decisions. In In In Out In Out In In Out Out

Luckily some other teams were short of players so two of us supported them and the rest....some swapping some organizing and it worked out fine.

Yes we did it....

Won every game and....... the tournament.

Thank you to the team

(especially those that supported other teams)

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Hope to see you guys on Monday!!!

Thanks also to 
Cormac Byrne - LVA
Elizabeth - Wapping Wildcats
Naveed Ahmed - Wapping Wildcats
                                                      Kamel Achrafie