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Welcome to our Web Site :-)

We are a group of people meeting every Monday to have a drink, have some fun, make some jokes, giggle oh yes and we play a bit of volleyball. There are all sorts of levels except complete beginners!!! (although looking at the technique of some players I am not so sure about that).

In summer we play many Sundays in Queenspark or Hyde Park. Everybody brings some pick-nick (usually wine or beer!!) and we often play until we are thrown out of the park.

So.......why don't you just have a go and pop in any Monday? 

The first time you play will be free, and only then after I will charge either £5 per Monday or £40 for a three month membership. 

To get some idea about us, events, location or to contact me please choose any of the buttons on the right.

Hope to see you soon!

Monday evenings 20:00 !

Thank you